I’m Darian. I don’t compete in bikini or power lifting, I’m not a professional athlete or fitness model. I eat the foods I  love and workout for the HELLth of it!


This is my Training Philosophy:

There is no right way to workout and it's not about losing weight. It's about moving better, getting healthier, and having FUN! The best workout program is the one that you most enjoy and leaves you feeling stronger and more energized rather then run into the ground.  My personal fitness program includes power lifting, body weight interval training, gymnastics, and mobility, and I’m always switching things up to keep it fresh and fun. I also enjoy finding ways to move more throughout my day which usually includes going for walks, rock climbing, and spontaneous dance parties! 

Here’s what I think about Nutrition:

Eating styles and food choices are very personal. Like training, there is no one right program that will work for every body type, every schedule, or every preference. The nutrition program that will work best is the one that allows for the greatest amount of adherence. For most people that means a program that is flexible, balanced, and fits into their life rather then having to structure life around nutrition. This looks different for each person but it shouldn’t ever mean no ice cream, no cookies, no pizza, EVER, NEVER, NO! Eating in a way that supports your body and health should feel good, not sad.

My Experience and Credentials:

2 years as a Spin instructor
6 years and counting as a personal trainer and fitness instructor
CrossFit L1, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Oly Lifting, CrossFit Mobility
MovNat L1,
Precision Nutrion L1