Sweating together is the ultimate community builder.

Group classes have built in accountability, motivation, and community. In group training you get the benefit of having a coach (me!) design and facilitate an effective training program while watching and correcting form in a very economical way. You’ll also have the perk of meeting like minded people and making some really cool friends!

Current Class Schedule:

Tuesday: Fundamental Barbell @ iTrain Studio - 5 and 6pm

Thursday: Fundamental Kettlebell @ iTrain Studio - 5 and 6pm

Friday: Lunch Express @ I Am Limitless - 12pm


Here’s what people have said about my classes:

"Darian would be great at whatever she chooses to do. It just so happens that she is a fitness trainer. It has been a privilege to be trained by Darian. She brings an infectious joy to the workout sessions, and blends her expertise, enthusiasm, and encouragement to not only bring out the best in my workouts, but to continually expand my capabilities as well. I have seen marked improvement in all aspects of my fitness, but most particularly my ability to lift more with more stability and safety. She understands how to craft a workout program so that your entire body transforms in concert with itself, so that you never feel out of balance, but more in control as your get stronger."   -Toby

“Darian’s classes and fitness guidance have changed my life.  She has taught me how to exercise properly and safely and has helped me strive towards my athletic goals with focus and vigor. She strikes the optimal balance between pushing her students beyond what they thought possible, and encouraging them supportively.  Her dedication to her course material is effusive—even in a group class setting, she never misses an opportunity to clearly articulate how to perform an exercise accurately in order to maximize its benefits. Darian engages her students through varying workouts that strengthen both their mental and physical aptitudes.  Perhaps best of all, she attends to her students compassionately—welcoming beginners and advanced athletes with equal warmth and enthusiasm.” -Ari

“Darian is a fantastic coach and motivator. Her classes were my weekly dose of a community!  I loved working out next to muscle men who were 2x my size and other women who were new to lifting/agility classes. She makes it manageable or challenging no matter who you are. I had never been a regular in a class until joining Darian's Buns and Guns class. Previously, I had the habit of only finding classes that were lead by meatheads who didn't care about your personal progress and just wanted to push everyone to their breaking point. This always ended with me going once, feeling embarrassed, and never returning. As someone who struggles with fibromyalgia, I loved that Darian would modify workouts to work with whatever was bothering me that day while also making me feel confident about the progress I had made. Working with Darian has allowed me to feel confident walking into the gym and, honestly, love my body again!” -Lauren

“Darian's classes are a godsend! She presents her exceptionally challenging workouts with a bubbly and welcoming personality that almost makes you forget how hard you're working. As someone who finds it difficult to get motivated to work out and has a lot of excuses to get out of it due to my busy schedule, I was surprised that I was looking forward to her classes every week and tried to plan my schedule around making it to her classes. We'll miss you Darian! Pennsylvania is lucky to have such a great instructor coming its way.” -Mark