Private training means custom workouts designed to help you achieve your goals.

Private coaching allows us to really dig into your individual needs. You won’t just get well structured workouts and nutrition guidance, but a friend (me!) to motivate and encourage you to stay the path. I love being able to help my private clients learn specific skills that they’ve been wanting to achieve (handstand?!) and help them tune into what their bodies need in each and every session.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me:

“Darian is the absolute best! I worked out with her in private sessions for 2 years and loved every second of it. Darian's not only incredibly knowledgeable -- her expertise really shows in inventive and diverse workout programs that catered to me and my fitness goals individually -- but she also just makes working out ridiculously fun. She listens to all of my fitness goals and concerns and genuinely cares about her private clients as individual people. And on top of all that she is a hilarious, bright, optimistic person who's a joy to spend an hour with, which definitely makes sweating it up that much more worth it!” - Jenna

“Darian is the best! I was able to train with Darian for 2 years in LA and in that time she completely transformed my body and also became a great friend. Darian’s amazing attitude, sense of humor and deep knowledge of her craft make her the very finest trainer I’ve ever worked with. California’s loss is PA’s gain!” - Kitao 

“I trained with Darian for over a year and I loved the experience. Growing up I was never an athlete and always felt intimated at the gym. When I met Darian, she immediately made me feel comfortable. We quickly became friends and she figured out how to push me to reach new fitness goals and to achieve more than I realized I was capable of. I highly recommend working with her!”  -Judd